Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

Summer School

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 Every year, several thousand international students travel to Utrecht and participate in one or more summer school courses offered by Utrecht Summer School. Will you be one one of them?

Regenerative Medicine 
Learn about how regenerative medicine may hold the potential to bring human (and animal) therapies from the lab into the clinic.
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3D Printing and Biofabrication
This 1-week course provides insight into additive manufacturing technologies and 3D printing in biomedical applications.
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Introduction into Organoid Technology
This intensive 3-day course will provide an overview on current organoid technology and the application of organoids in basic research, disease modeling, drug development, personalized medicine, and regenerative medicine. Click here for more information and registration!

Advanced In Vitro Models
Learn about how advanced in vitro models hold the potential to reduce animal experimentation by scientific breakthroughs. Click here for more information and registration!