Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

PhD Program

“Our PhD students push the boundaries of
science and technology,
under excellent mentorship.” 

The PhD Program in Regenerative Medicine offers an inspiring, multidisciplinary and translational education program in the area of Regenerative Medicine for PhD students. Located within the Utrecht University Graduate School of Life Sciences, students graduate with a PhD degree from Utrecht University.

The PhD Program encompasses a broad range of research and education areas, including fundamental and developmental biology, processes and mechanisms of disease, technical innovation and clinical application. Complementing the specific education and training in regenerative medicine, are courses that build and enhance general skills, such as communication, statistics, and laboratory animal techniques.

A unique hallmark the Utrecht RM Program is the partnership with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University. This provides an integrated approach in which basic scientists and clinicians from both human and veterinary medicine work side-by-side. In addition, the emphasis on translational aspects for both human and veterinary medicine offer students the availability of large animal models and the possibility to translate new treatments to veterinary and human patients.


The PhD Program strongly encourages interaction with colleagues and peers within this highly multidisciplinary field and PhD students will be acquainted with the international perspective of the field of regenerative medicine through frequent contacts with colleagues from abroad, regularly invited international guest speakers and the encouragement to participate in international meetings.