Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

PhD Courses

PhD students are responsible for tracking their own educational progress.

Course Fees: All RM Program courses are free. Placement is on a first-come-first-serve basis, with priority given to RM students. Registration is sent out by email.

Absence Policy: If you will be absent from a course for any amount of time, please contact the program coordinator before the start of the course. Enrollment, number of ECTS and certificate of completion will be determined by the coordinator and course leaders.

For General Courses: visit the Utrecht University PhD Course Centre. These courses are free to all registered PhD students.

How to calculate ECTS:   28 hours = 1 EC

Introduction to Regenerative Medicine
Course Directors: Koen Braat, Bart Spee
Dates: 2-6 July 2018, 5 days, 1.5 ECTS.  Mandatory for all new PhD students, enroll as soon as possible after you start your PhD program.
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This course introduces students to the fundamentals of regenerative medicine, and highlights research in Utrecht. Students are joined in the mornings by international summer school students. The afternoon track is designed specifically for the PhD level to allow for in-depth discussion on particular topics. This course is mandatory for all RM PhD students.

Introduction to Stem Cells
Course Directors: Paul Coffer, Koen Braat
Dates: 8-12 January 2018
5 days incl. Exam
1.5 ECTS

Stem cells have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types during development and tissue repair process. This course addresses the fundamental mechanisms regulating stem cell function and considers their use in stem cell-based therapies.

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Perspectives in Regenerative Medicine
Course Director: Annelien Bredenoord
Dates: November 2017, annually
3 days + presentation
1.0 ECTS

This course is mandatory for all PhD students in the RM program. The course engages students in the ethical and societal issues associated with RM; provides them with an overview of current RM and stem cell-based clinical trials and an activity on looking at the outcome of a clinical trial from the point-of-view of different stakeholders; and new ways to think about their research, their approach and how it may impact the market. This course is mandatory for all RM PhD students.

CardioRenal Regenerative Medicine
Course Directors: Koen Braat, Joost Fledderus
Dates: Fall 2018, every other year
4 days
1.2 ECTS

This cardiovascular course is quite interactive. The PhD students work together in groups and assignments which will result in presentations; students will prepare an assignment on a specific topic related with cardiovascular RM (e.g. developmental biology, clinical application of RM research, cell transplantation versus paracrine factors, read outs for successful RM: experimental and clinical.

Enabling Technologies
Course Directors: Laura Creemers, Jitske Jansen
Dates: Fall 2018, every other year
5 days + presentation
1.5 ECTS

The course provides students with current tools that are useful in their projects. Topics vary and may include biomaterials, biomechanics, bioreactor technology, imaging, high-throughput screening, microscopy, genetic modification.

PhD Retreat
Course Directors: Paul Coffer, Koen Braat
Dates: 4-5 October 2017
2 days
1.0 ECTS

Held every year, the program of the retreat varies. It is organized by the PhD students for the PhD students as an open, safe environment to communicate, collaborate, socialize and have fun.

FACS course/masterclass
Hosted by the FACS core facility in the UMCU (LTI)

Date: TBA november 2018

Max 8 persons and minimum of 6 persons. Last minute cancellations cannot be accepted and costs will be charged to your group.

It is advisable to view “overview”, “fluidics” and “optics” before attending to this course.

Regenerative Medicine Seminars
Course Directors: Koen Braat
Dates: monthly, see the RM floormeeting schedule
ECTS depends on attendance (up to 2.4 ECTS for 4 years)

This seminar series brings international and national experts in regenerative medicine to Utrecht to share their research.