Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

Regenerative Medicine and Technology

Unique about our program:

  • Research intensive program: 70% of the curriculum is dedicated to internship with ample opportunities to go abroad to globally leading institutes.
  • Didactical approach: in our education we use interactive educational formats, lively lectures and discussions about the current topics in RM assure that you dive into the topics
  • International environment: study together with fellow students from all over the world (app. 20% international) and follow lectures by international staff and colleagues
  • Translational research: student projects range the span from fundamental research up to (pre-) clinical topics.
  • Community and network: Students are part of the the RM community and have the opportunity to connect to our extensive network in the field that allows you to reach out to the best researchers in the field.
  • Good career perspectives: alumni of the RMT masters programme generally continue their career as a PhD, Research fellow,  Clinical trial administrator or in a consultancy role and find jobs within 6 months after graduation (average).

Pioneering at the forefront of Life Sciences

Studying Regenerative medicine and Technology at Utrecht University means studying at the forefront of innovative research in a challenging, multidisciplinary and vibrant community of curious bright minds. Utrecht hosts a unique concentration of research in the field of regenerative medicine and stem cells and our education is directly linked to our research strategy. Our students benefit from collaborations on the Utrecht Science Park with departments of the UMC Utrecht and relevant faculties of the Utrecht University (veterinary medicine, science etc.) and work closely together with colleagues from various disciplines. On a national level we are cooperating in a strategic alliance with Eindhoven University of Technology and we have an extensive network of international partner institutions around the world.


To connect students and alumni we have initiated a linkedin group for RM&T. In this groups we share relevant internship opportunities, job vacancies and important news from the RM field and RM Utrecht.

Internship worldmap

70% of our students go to an insitution abroad to do their second year internship at a foreign lab. For an overview of the destinations and projects check the world map (dynamic). For an overview of the map click here.