Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


The Principal Investigators from Regenerative Medicine Utrecht offer students the opportunity to do an internship in their group as a part of their training. We host students from Utrecht University, other Dutch universities and international (partner) institutions. Interested students can take a look at the list of internship opportunities below and contact the PI directly for more information. Of note, priority for internship positions is given to Master’s students in Utrecht.

Bone tissue for craniomaxillofacial reconstruction – Gawlitta

Exosomes, extracellular vesicles – van Balkom

Cardiac regenerative medicine – Sluijter

Vascular regeneration – Cheng

MSCs and MSC-derived exosomes – Lorenowicz


Cartilage regeneration – Vonk

Urethral reconstruction

3D printed bone marrow niche – Alblas

OSM expression, osteoarthritis – Creemers

Regenerating intestine with innate lymphocytes – Lindemans

Molecular cardiology – van Rooij

Degenerative joint disease – Creemers

Neuroregenerative treatments, preterm neonates – Nijboer