Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

Videos and films

We hope that these short films by and about our researchers inspire you to connect with us!

Prof. Jos Malda: “We use 3D printing to create living joint replacements”

Prof. Jos Malda’s research group focuses on biofabrication and biomaterials design, in particular for the regeneration of (osteo)chondral defects. They are developing novel biofabriaction strategies, as well and “bioinks” for 3D printing. These hydrogel-based “inks” are both designed to drive specific differentiation of the embedded and/or endogenous cells, as well as to allow fabrication with…

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IMPACT: one stage cartilage treatment

A treatment that is less stressful for the patient. That is the aim of the IMPACT study in our mobility clinic. Before, two surgeries were required for cartilage problems in the knee: one to take cells for culture in the lab, and a second to replace the cells in the knee. Thanks to a multidisciplinary…

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Dutch Kidney Foundation visits Prof. Marianne Verhaar (Dutch)

The Dutch Kidney Foundation (Nierstichting) raises funding for the development of regenerative therapies for kidney patients. In this video (Dutch), they visit two nephrologists. One of them is Prof. Marianne Verhaar, Professor of Experimental Nephrology and Head of the Dept. Nephrology & Hypertension at UMC Utrecht. The aim of her research team is to improve…

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