Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

Stem Cell & Organoid Biology

We focus on using stem cells for transplantation therapies, organoids for screening and therapeutic use, and also on approaches that stimulate our own stem cells to repair our bodies.

Understanding how blood cells are made

We’ve invented a novel technology to watch the emergence of HSC. Read about Catherine Robin’s research. We study blood development. We’re interested in deciphering which signals dictate the production of blood cells. If we can understand how blood stem cells originate and develop, we may be able to create more effective therapies for blood-related diseases….

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Gene editin (CRISPR/Cas9)

We’re developing a technological toolbox. Read about the research in the group of Niels Geijsen.   These stem cells have the unique ability to give rise to every cell type in our body, for example, skin, nerve cells, or liver. This makes them extremely useful for medical research. These cells do not exist naturally in…

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Stem cell-based therapies

Replacing damaged tissues is becoming a reality Read about the research in the group of Paul Coffer.     Stem cells play an important role in maintaining and renewing tissues. They have the potential to restore function after tissue has been damaged, thereby treating or even curing the cause of degenerative disease. “For degenerative diseases…

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