Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

Stem Cell & Organoid Biology

We focus on using stem cells for transplantation therapies, organoids for screening and therapeutic use, and also on approaches that stimulate our own stem cells to repair our bodies.

Liver regeneration

We’re finding new ways to overcome the shortage of organ donors. Read about Bart Spee’s research.   The shortage of donors for liver transplants is a growing problem, in Europe…

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Zooming in on Wnt proteins

Many human diseases are linked to Wnt signaling Read about Madelon Maurice’s research.     We aim to understand how cells communicate in the human body. Cells commonly send and…

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Improving hematopoietic stem cell transplant

We develop novel stem cell-based therapies for blood disorders.   Read about Jaap Jan Boelens’research.     Our research focuses on safer and more effective HSCT, and we’re also interested…

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Understanding neuronal connections in ALS and epilepsy

We’re uncovering new therapeutic interventions for neuronal degeneration. Read about Jeroen Pasterkamp’s research. The focus of my lab is directed towards understanding the signaling events and molecular mechanisms involved in…

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