Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


New opportunities for treating kidney failure

Our kidneys can sense when we need them to work a bit harder. As the intestines begin to produce more waste products, the kidneys start to work harder to excrete it. Researchers at among others Utrecht University and University Hospital Leuven published an article on this process in PNAS on July, 22. Insight into this…

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Cancer Modeling Meets Human Organoid Technology

Hans Clevers (Hubrecht Institute) and David Tuveson (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory), experts in the field of stem cells and organoids, have written a review on the use the organoids in cancer research. These ‘mini-organs in a dish’ can be used to investigate what happens in a tumor, to model how a tumor develops, and to…

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Launch of RM Utrecht magazine

On December 4th 2017 the new RM Utrecht magazine was launched during a festive reception at the Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht, location Hubrecht Insititute. Prof. Steven Chamuleau, member of the board of the strategic program Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells, UMC Utrecht offered the first copy of the magazine to Jan Henk van der Velden, director…

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RMU: Crossing frontiers at Utrecht Life Sciences

This publication aims to give you an overview of regenerative medicine, from bench-to-bedside, in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This diverse community cultivates a culture of innovation and excellence, inspiring talented scientists and clinicians. Most importantly, our efforts focus on translating biomedical research into clinical benefit for our patients and society. We hope this book provides you…

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