Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


Kika Foundation Grant for Magdalena Lorenowicz

Magdalena Lorenowicz was awarded a grant from the Children Cancer-free Foundation (Kika) for her research on the role of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and their secretome in the repair of intestinal tissue in context of therapeutic use of MSC for Graft vs Host Disease. The project will be done in collaboration with Caroline Lindemans – …

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Suze Jansen wins prize at the Dutch Stem Cell Meeting

Suze Jansen, PhD Candidate Paediatrics (UMCU), was one of the 3 awardees for the best presentation during the annual Dutch Stem Cell Meeting 2019. She presented her work on intestinal graft-versus-host disease, a lethal side effect of bone marrow transplantations in which donor immune cells damage the patients’ organs. For her presentation, she got 500…

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Cancer Modeling Meets Human Organoid Technology

Hans Clevers (Hubrecht Institute) and David Tuveson (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory), experts in the field of stem cells and organoids, have written a review on the use the organoids in cancer research. These ‘mini-organs in a dish’ can be used to investigate what happens in a tumor, to model how a tumor develops, and to…

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Marleen Kristen, master student Biofabrication, wins 1st prize at ISCOMS!

Marleen Kristen, master student Biofabrication, won the 1st prize at the International Student Congress of Medical Sciences (ISCOMS) for the best plenary presentation. Marleen presented the results of her master project “Tailored Microfiber Scaffold Fabrication for Renal Replacement Therapies”, a collaborative work between the department of Orthopedics (UMCU), and the division of Pharmacology at the…

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Bart Spee in the Dutch podcast ‘Makkelijk Praten’!

Dr. Bart Spee (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) is guest in a new episode of the Dutch podcast ‘Makkelijk Praten’. The podcast hosts got a tour in the Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht, where all Utrecht experts in the field of regenerative medicine and stem cell research work together. Bart explains how he and his research group…

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