Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


Podcast about (kidney) Organoids

Curious how organoids are growing?  UniversiteitNL took a look at the kitchen of Hans Clevers and Marianne Verhaar. Listen to this podcast (in Dutch)

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A solution to arthritis damage?

Twitter message from the European Research Council: Jos Malda and his ERC CoG funded team are working to make bioprinted tissues that can be implanted into living joint to replace…

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No wheelchair thanks to 3D printing

Picture: Guus Dubbelman / de Volkskrant   In the last two years, a 16 years old boy and a 68 years old woman came to the UMC Utrecht emergency room…

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Summer schools – a big success!

Everyone wants to make the most of the summer. Some go on holidays, while others go for extra learning opportunities. This summer, Regenerative Medicine Utrecht organized three well-received UU summer…

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