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Why can’t doctors manage to repair cartilage? (Dutch)

Cartilage appears to be simple tissue. Yet doctors are unable to fix it, and they could have known that for 250 years already. Why? The Dutch newspaper Trouw interviewed Prof. Jos Malda and Prof. René van Weeren about cartilage repair. Read the article here (Dutch).

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Mini-Organs at the Weekend of Science

During the Weekend of Science on October 6th visitors could immerse themselves in the world of mini-organs. Together with the hub U-port (Universiteit Utrecht) the Hubrecht Institute (KNAW) we organized four activities around these mini-organs that we call organoids. The activities were a great success. Read more and watch our videos on Below a…

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‘Holland in the Valley’: ArthroSave

  The ten best scientific startups in the Netherlands learned to grow this month in Silicon Valley. introduces them one by one. In this episode: ArthroSave, a UMC Utrecht spin-off that already saved 150 people from a major knee operation. ArthroSave is the company behind the KneeReviver, a device for (relatively) young people who…

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Prof. Jeffrey Beekman wins the Prix Galien Research Award 2019!

This year, the prestigious Prix Galien Research Award goes to Prof. Jeffrey Beekman! Jeffrey is affiliated with with the department of Pediatric Pulmonology and the Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht. He leads a research group that develops stem cell based culture and assay technologies to model human pulmonary disease, with special focus on (personalized) treatment of…

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Free-form tissue structures with volumetric 3D bioprinting process

  A team from the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht and École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, have developed a volumetric 3D bioprinting process inspired by visible light projection that creates free-form tissue structures. Check out the news feed and the mesmerizing real-life printing video on and (Dutch), or read the original…

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