Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


Jeffrey Beekman awarded ECFS Award

The prestigous European Cystic Fibrosis Society Awarded is presented to researchers who have significantly contributed to the understanding of cystic fibrosis or the treatment or care of patients with cystic…

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Luca Braccioli

Thesis: Transcriptional regulation and cellular strategies in neuroregeneration   PhD Supervisor: Paul Coffer, PhD, UMC Utrecht. Defense date: 24 June 2017. Neurogenesis and gliogenesis are processes that occur during development of the…

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2 Spinoza Prizes to Utrecht

Congratulations to Albert Heck and Alexander van Oudenaarden, who have been awarded the Spinoza Prize, the most prestigious scientific award in The Netherlands, for their pioneering work in the area…

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Vivian Mouser

Thesis:  Bio-inks for 3D Printing of Cartilage Implants   PhD Supervisor: Jos Malda, PhD, UMC Utrecht. Defense date: 15 June 2017. Articular cartilage defects can cause major pain for a patient…

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