Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


Can you intervene in nature? Where do you set the limit?

How do scientists come to the one insight that determines the course of their career? They talk about this in the Eureka section, every weekend in the AD, provided by the editors of New Scientist. This week, RMU researcher Annelien Bredenoord, professor of ethics of biomedical innovation at the University Medical Center Utrecht. Note: This…

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Humania: Meet yourself in NEMO Amsterdam

The NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam will open a new exhibition about your own species, humankind, starting 23 November. Read more on their website (ENG) or watch the video below (Dutch)! RMU scientists were present at the pre-opening evenings to present organoids and 3D printing of cartilage to thousands of curious visitors. Thanks to NEMO…

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Platform Innovation: the world of 3D technology

Note: this post has been translated from (click here for the original post in Dutch) In order to create applications and technological solutions that really benefit doctors and patients, it is important that they are developed with great involvement of the doctor and patient, preferably in the hospital. That was the common thread of…

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Positive feedback on UMC Utrecht research

An international committee of top scientists visited UMC Utrecht to review our research. Every six years there is such a statutory assessment according to the Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP), which applies to all universities and UMCs. This evaluation is not about the distribution of money but about monitoring quality. The evaluation committee has already presented…

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Flu shots for UMC Utrecht employees

A large part of the leadership team has gotten the flu shot already, including Prof. Marianne Verhaar, chair of the Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cells program at UMC Utrecht. All employees of UMC Utrecht can get the flu shot until the end of next week: from Monday, 25 November to Friday, 29 November, 7.30 –…

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