Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneraton

We’re working towards alternative approaches for cartilage and bone regeneration, including joint distraction; 3D printing of constructs; biofabrication; and being able to coax our bodies to regenerate tissue with the help of intelligent scaffolds.

Interveterbral disc regeneration

We design our research with bench to bedside in mind. Read about Marianna Tryfonidou’s research.   In my group we pursue translation of regenerative treatment strategies for degenerative diseases including…

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Maxillofacial bone regeneration

We combine stem cell technologies with state-of-the-art regenerative technologies to recapitulate natural tissue development and regeneration Debby Gawlitta leads a young research group working on bone regeneration of the facial…

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Regeneration in osteoarthritis

We have a prototype of a whole-joint bio-mechano-reactor.   Read about the research in the group of Simon Mastbergen.     My work focuses on tissue regeneration in osteoarthritis (OA)…

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Bone tissue engineering

Our research requires intense integration of immunology and orthopedics.   Read about the research in the group of Jacqueline Alblas. My research activities are mainly focused on bone tissue engineering….

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