Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

Internships for Master students

The Principal Investigators from Regenerative Medicine Utrecht offer students the opportunity to do an internship in their group as a part of their training. We host students from Utrecht University, other Dutch universities and international (partner) institutions. Interested students can take a look in the list of internship opportunities below and contact the PI directly for more information.

Priority for internship positions is given to Master’s students in Utrecht.

Cardiac regenerative medicine – Sluijter group

Internships cardiac regenerative medicine UMCU . Contact: Dr. Joost Sluijter (, Cardiology, UMC Utrecht In the lab of Experimental Cardiology in the UMCU, lead by Dr Joost Sluijter, we focus…

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Cartilage regeneration – Vonk group

Contact: Dr. Lucienne Vonk (, Orthopaedics, UMC Utrecht Our research focuses on biological joint reconstruction. We have ample experience with cell therapy and translation of preclinical research into clinical trials….

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Vascular regeneration – Cheng group

Vascular regeneration: Master’s student, 9-month, project. Contact: Dr. Caroline Cheng (, Cardiology, UMC Utrecht We offer a student position in a young research group that focuses on translational vascular research.

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OSM expression, osteoarthritis – Creemers group

Comparison and quantification of OSM expression in different rat models of Osteoarthritis.
Daily Supervisor: Joao Garcia (  Project supervisor: Dr. Laura Creemers Project description: Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint…

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