Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

Cardiovascular Tissue Regeneration

We focus on advanced heart failure and associated complications, including kidney disease and failing blood vessels.

Cilium and kidney disease

My inspiration grows from understanding how a gene works. Read about the reserach in Rachel Giles’group. Cilia are hair-like organelles present on almost every cell type in our bodies. They detect changes in the microenvironment and help our cells respond, for example, initiating cell replacement after injury. My lab focuses on understanding how the cilium…

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Chronic kidney disease

Tackling chronic kidney disease. Read about the research in Marianne Verhaar’s group. Chronic kidney disease is a major burden for patients. In the department of Nephrology and Hypertension, we see many patients with chronic kidney disease. This disease is a serious health care problem that will become even more prevalent over the next few years,…

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microRNAs and heart disease

What signaling mechanisms are important in heart disease? Read about the research from Eva van Rooij’s group.   A major challenge in the field of cardiovascular biology is to decipher the relevance of different signaling mechanisms during disease. Our lab is interested in molecular mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disease conditions by studying the complex  interplay between…

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Heart failure

Heart failure is a clinical problem with high societal relevance. Research in the group of Professor Pieter Doevendans at the UMC Utrecht tries to use stem cells to optimize the treatment of people who have had a heart attack. In collaboration with international parties in China and the US, large-scale studies are conducted to find the…

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