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Cardiac regenerative medicine

Internships cardiac regenerative medicine UMCU.

Contact: Dr. Joost Sluijter (, Cardiology, UMC Utrecht

In the lab of Experimental Cardiology in the UMCU, lead by Dr Joost Sluijter, we focus on different approaches that can lead to improved recovery and diagnosis of cardiac tissue injury. The main themes reflect the improvement of progenitor cell transplantation therapy by genetic (miRNA) or pharmacological approaches to improve cell survival, optimize cell delivery techniques, improve cell culture conditions and visualization of transplanted cells via MRI, BLI or nuclear labeling.

In our research group, we explore the use of biomaterials, cells, and/or secreted vesicles to further understand cardiac repair mechanisms and thereby improve clinical cell therapy approaches. Additionally, we will implement miRNA therapeutics into regenerative medicine and their use for diagnosis of myocardial damage.

We are open for highly motivated students that are looking for internships, in which they are trained in executing scientific studies ranging from basic mechanistic molecular mechanisms in cell culture models to small and large and animal models, thereby covering translational aspects of basic observations for future clinical use.

Requirements: We are looking for highly motivated students that have a great interest how to improve current approaches of regenerative medicine for future clinical applications and want to be trained as independent scientists.
For further information, please contact Dr Joost Sluijter: