Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

Budget for PhD training

General policy GSLS

Starting from 2018, the PhD Course Centre needs to charge course participants a modest fee. We will handle two types of course fees: one for internal PhD candidates and one for external participants. Please note that you can use your personal course budget of €400/year (€1,600 max) to pay for these courses. This budget is managed by your department (faculty of Science/Veterinary Medicine) or your Division (UMC Utrecht). For more information see Course budget for PhD candidates GS-LS.

Reimbursments by the RM PhD programme

In some cases the RM PhD programme reimburses training costs for PhD students in the programme. For example the fee for the annual meeting of the Dutch Society for Stem Cell Research on May 4th 2018. To arrange the reimbursment please fill out the form and return it to

Reimbursement_non-UU_Dutch bank