Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


Unique about our program:

  • The world’s first specialized master in 3D printing and biofabrication offered by RM Utrecht / Utrecht University in collaboration with world leading partners from Australia (Univerisity of Wollongong and Queensland University of Technology) and Germany (the University of Wuerzburg
  • Opportunity to go abroad for the second year of studies and to obtain en double degree from UU and one of the Australian Universities upon completion
  • Research intensive program: 70% of the curriculum is dedicated to internship with the opportunity to go abroad to the double degree partner universities in the second year
  • International environment: study together with fellow students from all over the world (app. 50% international) and double degree students from the Australian Universities
  • Multidisciplinary research: student projects range the span from biomedical engineering to biomedical sciences and applications in the clinic.
  • Community and network: Students are part of the the Biofabrication community and have the opportunity to connect to our extensive network in the field that allows you to reach out to the best researchers in the field

Accelerate innovations in health care

Biofabrication combines advanced fabrication techniques with biological systems to prepare designed tissue constructs. These can be applied for tissue engineering, as 3D in vitro biologic models or as medical therapeutic products. The Biofabrication programme will equip you with a toolbox to innovate within this multidisciplinary field. We will provide a thorough understanding as well as operational experience of processes such as 3D bioprinting and other fabrication technologies, biomaterials, 3D cell culturing, computer models and imaging.


To connect students and alumni we have initiated a linkedin group for Biofabrication. In this group we share relevant internship opportunities, job vacancies and important news related to Biofabrication in Utrecht and abroad.