Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


16 - 20 March 2020

PhD course: from bench to bedside

The RM PhD course ‘from bench to bedside’ will take place on 16-20 March 2020. After completion of the course, you obtain a certificate and 1.5 ECTS. Registration is open now (see below)!

From Bench to Bedside combines biological and medical science with business, law, bioethics and societal awareness. It aims to develop expertise in the biological, commercial, regulatory, but also societal aspects of regenerative medicine, along with its application in biomedicine. Moreover, this course intends to acquaints students to think with an open business-based mind in addition to their scientific mind-set to implement new findings in actual care.

After this course participants:

  • Are aware of the state-of-the-art of clinical applications of several regenerative medicine treatments in multiple diseases.
  • Are aware of the different regenerative medicine tools and additional tools available to translate findings from bench to bedside.
  • Are able to combine the different aspects of translating an idea to an actual clinical regenerative treatment.
  • Are aware of ethical and legal aspects of valorisation of regenerative medicine solutions in different diseases.

Themes presented by national and international speakers:

  • RM in the clinic
  • Innovative approaches and the future
  • Current approaches in RM what is new?
  • Tools in RM
  • Responsible research and valorisation


Bench to Bedside 2020