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Living with a heart support or a new heart: the difference is getting smaller

Currently, there are 121 people on the waiting list for a heart transplant. Patients still die in the 3.5 to 5 years that they have to wait for a new heart. They have bad luck: often the disease or condition only affects the heart, while all other organs in the body are functioning perfectly. They are at the end-stage of heart failure when they get on the waiting list. The most recent alternative is living with a heart support.

Watch the story of Jan Siebelink:


According to RMU cardiologist Linda van Laake (UMC Utrecht), many people with serious heart failure can be helped very well with a heart support. However, there is currently under-treatment. Linda van Laake: “People who are referred to our center are often in a condition that is too bad to get a heart support implanted. That is really a missed opportunity. With this device, patients get back a very large part of their life. More donors are certainly needed, but we should also be able to offer this option of support in time. We can help at least 200 people in the Netherlands with this. This will reduce the number of people who die.”