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‘Holland in the Valley’: ArthroSave


The ten best scientific startups in the Netherlands learned to grow this month in Silicon Valley. introduces them one by one. In this episode: ArthroSave, a UMC Utrecht spin-off that already saved 150 people from a major knee operation.

ArthroSave is the company behind the KneeReviver, a device for (relatively) young people who have knee problems. The device can help postpone knee surgery for people, or even prevent it altogether. […] The KneeReviver relieves pressure on the knee for six weeks, giving it the chance to recover. This prevents knee replacement with a metal and plastic model. Such a prosthesis has a limited lifespan, which means that people have to undergo revision surgery within 10 to 20 years. Due to the impact on surrounding bones, tissue and muscles, such a second sugery – which requires an even larger prosthesis – is more radical than the first. Moreover, the chance of complications increases with a second operation. All the more reason to wait as long as possible before replacing a knee.

Making a social impact is what motivates Lindenhovius (CEO) to make ArhtroSave a global success, she says to Sprout. “We really have a technology in-house that can improve the lives of many patients.”

ArhtroSave was founded in 2016 and after that managed to help 150 patients in a relatively short time.

“As an engineer I have been able to develop many interesting things, but now I can really make a difference in people’s lives. That makes me very enthusiastic about bringing science to life.”

ArthroSave’s growth strategy is to first help a large group of patients through a select number of hospitals. The company from Culemborg ultimately wants to do that all over the world. To also scale up outside the Netherlands, the company is looking for growth financing


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