Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


Summer schools – a big success!

Everyone wants to make the most of the summer. Some go on holidays, while others go for extra learning opportunities. This summer, Regenerative Medicine Utrecht organized three well-received UU summer schools to provide high-quality education in the fields of Regenerative Medicine, 3D Printing and Biofabrication, and Advanced in vitro Models.


Regenerative Medicine (RM) – organized by Dr. Bart Spee and Dr. Koen Braat

RM has the ability to touch every ailment, ranging from cancer to heart disease to nervous disorders. The participants learned the basics of  stem cell biology, tissue engineering, biomaterials engineering, and transplantation science. In addition, the course included various enabling technologies and clinical application areas, with the ultimate goal of improving patient lives.



3D Printing and Biofabrication – organized by Dr. Riccardo Levato and Prof. Jos Malda

The course provided the basics of 3D printing, including a hands-on workshop in a FabLab and an introduction to 3D design software. The participants were introduced to state-of-the-art examples of how biofabrication is currently translated from bench towards the bedside.



Advanced In Vitro Models (AIM) – organized by Dr. Bart Spee and Ouafa Dahri

AIM is a multidisciplinary field that holds much promise for generating innovative technologies for a wide variety of tissues and disorders. The ultimate goal is the replacement of animal experiments. The participants learned about good in vitro practice, regulatory aspects, (stem) cell biology and technologies, as well as how these models can be translated to in vivo relevance.


All three summer schools were well-received by highly motivated and active students from all over the world. What are their impressions?


“It is an inspiring opportunity to meet experts and students from different backgrounds and from all around the world!”

“Very interesting speakers, nice atmosphere and very good organization!”

“Great quality and expertise of the lecturers! Interactive, fun atmosphere!”
“New information, innovative science!”


… will you join us next year?