Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


Department of Orthopedics becomes (again) Centre of Excellence

Based on its educational, clinical and scientific merits, our department of Orthopedics has been awarded the ICRS Centre of Excellence in Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation status.
These ICRS teaching centres are the recommended place-to-go to for unique one-on-one learning experiences and practical advice from world leading experts on current state-of-the-art cartilage repair surgical techniques, patient evaluation and non-operative treatment of cartilage injury.
These expert centers (from basic science to clinical applications) also serve as outstanding professional development experiences for fellows, residents & students within the ICRS community, interested in improving their practical and scientific skills in this field.
This international recognition is underscored by our unique mixture of basic science and the clinics that are the foundations for our translational focus here in Utrecht.
Already earlier this year, our department has been entitled ‘Research Centre of Excellence’ by ReumaNederland.