Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


15 July 2019
13:00 - 15:00
Room Friesland (E4.34)

Consulting Session: Final H2020 Calls

In collaboration with the strategic program RM&SC, the Research Support Office (RSO-RMU) and RSO-Central are organizing consulting sessions to inform you about the final H2020 topics that will be published soon. We would like to invite you to drop by in the RMCU.

The European funding program H2020 is in it’s final stretch. This program, already frequently used by researchers from the UMCU, provides a final opportunity to apply for funding. The calls will be officially published in July 2019, but we already have a lot of inside information about these calls, so we can quickly proceed to preparing new projects.

One thing we see is that the largest part of the H2020 budget has been allocated to these final topics. An extra reason to put maximum effort in this last round of calls.

After 2020, a period of uncertainty about programs and budgets will follow. The successor to H2020 is going to be “Horizon Europe”. Preparations by the European Commission for this program are in full swing, but definitive decisions have not been made yet. That’s why we expect a funding gap of well over a year between H2020 and Horizon Europe.

All the more reasons for the UMCU and RMU researchers in general to fully exploit the opportunities of the final H2020 calls with many interesting topics.We organize 2 drop-in consulting sessions in the RMCU on July 8th from 15.00-17.00 hrs in meeting room Gelderland (E4.36) and on July 15th from 13.00-15.00 hrs in Friesland (E4.34C).

During and if needed after the consulting sessions we jointly assess whether your ideas match with one of the topics. After a positive match we assess feasibility and suggest a possible approach. Finally, we will try to outline a follow-up trajectory. RSO supports applications by making available internal grants for hiring external consultants.

The goal is to allow researchers to prepare for this new funding round with maximum efficiency and effectivity. In the mean time, should you have any questions – or if you cannot make it to one of the consulting sessions – you can always contact us via telephone (06-29043538) or email via or


Kind regards,

Inge van Houdt

Christian Jagersma

Helene Knaus

Gisela Tjaberinga