Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


11 July 2019
Ted Peek Auditorium, Hubrecht Institute

Lecture by Prof. Roel Nusse: “Stemness: Permission to divide?”

The Hofvijverkring invited Prof. Roel Nusse to visit Utrecht this summer. During his stay, he will give a lecture on “Stemness: Permission to divide?”

You are cordially invited to join!

Prof. Nusse initially worked on breast cancer in mouse models. Among others, he contributed to the original discovery of the Wnt gene. Later, he made discoveries in the fields of developmental biology, cancer, Drosophila embryogenesis and growth factors. His work has led to a better understanding of the link between normal stem cells and cancer, and has provided essential tools to control the growth of stem cells. His current research has led to identifying stem cells in various tissues and how stem cells are implicated in disease.