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Two Views, One Goal: It’s World Week for Laboratory Animals


This week is World Week for Laboratory Animals. Especially 24 April, World Day for Laboratory Animals, is marked by worldwide protests and demonstrations, where activists advocate for animal rights and welfare. At the same time, researchers use this annual event to highlight the necessity of animal testing if we want to make the needed progress in medicine and science. For both sides, this week is a focal point for educating the public about animal testing and possible alternatives.

It might sound paradoxical, but in the end, the goal is the same on both sides: animal-free research in near future. The crucial question is, how far are we in order to reduce and replace animal experiments? Could we stop today? What is still needed before animal experiments can be called a thing of the past?

Dr. Wim de Leeuw, head of the Animal Welfare Body at Utrecht University, has recently spoken to NOS about animal testing (see previous news post). This week, he was invited to share his expertise in the popular BNR radio program ‘Ask me Anything’. If you understand Dutch, listen to the podcast here!


Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht keep working hard towards the goal of replacing animal experiments. For example, the Utrecht Advanced In Vitro Models Hub (U-AIM) is joining forces with more than 20 collaborators from academia, industry and legislation, to develop and validate animal-free alternatives.

If you want to learn more about Advanced In Vitro Models, read more about our Summer School!