Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


A Growing Regenerative Medicine Community Without Boundaries


On 16 April, the Regenerative Medicine Utrecht (RMU) community came together to celebrate two milestone events. The first reason to celebrate was the moving of the RMU research groups from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine into the Regenerative Medicine Center (RMCU). From now on, various groups from UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University are sharing both their research and the RMCU facilities under the same roof, at the 4th and 5th floor of the Hubrecht Building. Moreover, RMU welcomed 22 out of 30 PhD students who recently started their projects within the Horizon 2020 Marie S. Curie COFUND doctorate project RESCUE. To put the cherry on the cake, RMU also launched the new movie on Regenerative Medicine and collaboration at the Utrecht Science Park (see below).

RMU organized a symposium under the slogan “Meet Your Neighbours”, with talks from various group representatives, the movie launch, an informal poster session, and a social event with an interactive game, drinks and snacks.

The opening talk was given by Prof. Wouter Dhert, dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, who revealed the inspiration and early visions of RMU as they emerged back in 2008, during an inspiring trip to Boston. The concept of RMU was to build strong and interdisciplinary connections between principal investigators who would join forces in the field of regenerative medicine. This was the birth of the RMCU, where close collaborations and converging technologies, finally under the same roof, result in a strong research community and cutting-edge research on regenerative medicine.

Prof. Jos Malda highlighted the fact that RMU does not know any boundaries. Scientific innovations and patient care (both for humans and animals) come together under the umbrella of RMU, where scientists, clinicians, staff and students share their work and expertise. “It does not matter, in which group you work. What really matters is what we can do together.” This is the take home message, which is also nicely visualized in our new movie.

In an informative poster session, the members of the RMU community could learn all about the research within the three RMU themes, Cardiovascular and Renal Tissue Regeneration, Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration, and Stem Cell & Organoid Biology, as well as the research techniques that RMU has to offer.

The event was closed with an interactive icebreaker game, drinks and snacks, and maybe the beginning of some new collaborations among neighbours.