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Newsflash RM Seminar Dr. Michiel Pegtel

Monday October 1st, dr. Michiel Pegtel from the Amsterdam UMC visited the RMCU to give a seminar on extracellular vesicles. In his talk he gave a very comprehensive overview on what is currently known about the biogenesis, composition and release mechanisms of these particles and has elaborated on the ‘physiological relevance’ of extracellular vesicles. These vesicles are thought by many to have an important function in cell-cell communication and as such, they could be interesting targets for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications. In his talk, dr. Pegtel emphasized that analysis of the small RNAs carried by exosomes holds promise for the diagnosis of cancers, such as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and the detection of relapse after treatment. Dr. Pegtel’s overview of the exosome field was well-received and invited an energetic round of questions and discussion.