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From June 15 to June 17, 2018, the 52nd edition of this prestigious bike tour will take place in Norway. Since 1967, the “Den Store Styrkeprøven”, or “the great strength test”, is one of Scandinavia’s most famous long-distance journeys and is organized around midsummer day and night where it is only 2 hours dark at night.
Between 1967 and 2015, no less than 106,000 participants drove the route from Trondheim to Oslo.

An ultimate challenge for top cyclists
Thousands of participants, including our sponsor group of cardiologists, will ride this jolting 543 km journey in June. And this in one day! From the north (Trondheim) to the south (Oslo) they will ride this ultimate course with a difference in altitude of 3,627 m along fairy-like fjords and challenging mountains.