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FURU prize for Petra de Graaf

The FURU prize is awarded by the ‘working group Functional and reconstructive urology (FURU) to stimulate scientific / clinical research in their field. The FURU Prize 2018 goes to the best abstract in the area of functional or reconstructive urology presented at a national or international conference between 1 April 2017 and 21 March 2018, and can go to any person working in the Netherlands (urologist, urology resident (not) in training or post-doc urology).
This FURU prize will be presented at the upcoming Spring Meeting of the Dutch association for urology (NVU) on May 24, 2018, together with a certificate and flowers the award is €1000.
Petra de Graaf won the FURU prize for the abstract ‘Gel casting as an approach for tissue engineering of multilayered tubular structures: application for urethral reconstruction’. The abstract is coauthored by Melissa van Velthoven, Rana Ramadan, Barbara J. Klotz, Debby Gawlitta, Miguel Castilho, Jos Malda, Pedro F. Costa and Laetitia de Kort and was presented at the Biofabrication2017 (15-18 October 2017, Beijing, China), at the EAU18 (16-20 March 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark and at the ESPU18 (11-14 April 2018, Helsinki, Finland). The manuscript of this collaborative RMU effort is in preparation.