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Pharmacology, inspired by nature

Pharmacology is the field that studies the mechanisms of action of drugs and medical food interventions. Our pharmacology division has a strong focus on management of non-communicable diseases associated with immune dysregulation.
But our current health care is not always able to cure. What if we could also prevent chronic diseases or regenerate damaged tissues? Take for example kidney failure. Dialysis is a life long ordeal, the patient’s quality of life deteriorates nevertheless and matched kidney donors are hard to find. What if we could make a bioartificial kidney? In this video, we show our first steps, where we have been inspired by nature.

Our Pharmacology division is part of Future Food, Molecular Immunology, Exposome and Utrecht Advanced In Vitro Models, four hubs within Utrecht University’s interdisciplinary strategic themes Life Sciences and Pathways to Sustainability.
English subtitles are available for this video. This video was made possible with financial support from the Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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