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Postdoc Network Utrecht – Start-up meeting


Postdoc Network Utrecht (PNU) is a platform that represent the interests of all postdoctoral fellows working at UU/UMC. PNU aims to bring postdocs together (and also assistant-professors and other interested scientific personnel), help with career development and act as a liaison to UU and UMC policy makers.

At the first event organized by PNU, the president of PNU, Nicoline Korthagen (post-doc, Veterinary Medicine, UU) introduced the platform to an audience of 30 postdocs form different departments. By recognizing the discrepancies between the needs and the pressure exerted on postdocs and the support and resources available at UU, PNU intends to  facilitate the access to information on courses, grant application deadline and training.

We are also encouraging the implication of postdocs in the organization of PNU events.

At the launch event, 2 established researchers took the stand to take us through their journey from the time of their studies until their current position.

Prof dr. Roos Masereeuw – Pharmacology, Faculty of Science, UU
GS-LS supervisor of the year
Mike Boxem, PhD – Developmental Biology, Faculty of Science, UU
Recipient of NWO Vidi (2010) and Vici (2017) grants, coordinator of the Marie Curie ITN network ‘PolarNet’.

Both followed a different path to reach this point of their career, with different challenges and opportunities, reinforcing the idea that there is no fixed recipe for success. A big piece of advice we have received is that although it is important to be in the driver’s seat all the way, never underestimate the help and input that you can receive from senior and more experience researchers.

The evening ended with drinks and snacks, a good opportunity to meet fellow postdocs learn more about the brand new network! We hope that it was also an inspiration for you and we are looking forward to meeting you again at our next events.

Upcoming event: Resources on grant opportunities and support available at UMC/UU
Date: 15th of June 2018
Location: TBD