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Meet the Professor 2018

Wednesday March 29th was an important day for many professors of Utrecht University. Over 130 of them participated in the 2018 version of the “Meet the Professor”. This event, which started three years ago and now has grown into a yearly happening, aims at making elementary school pupils familiar with the university. To this end many professors bike (some of them dressed in official gown) to a large number of participating schools in the city of Utrecht to tell kids of about 10-12 years of age (levels 6-8 of a total of 8) about what they are doing in daily life. Many of these kids come from environments where university education falls beyond the scope of the family history and where the term “professor” is more associated with classic stereotypes than with any form of reality. It is up to the professors to give a more realistic picture of the academy, while still connecting to the world and perceptions of the kids involved. Meet the Professor 2018