Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


4 April 2018
12:00 - 13:00
Hubrecht Auditorium

Seminar by Prof. Lyderic Bocquet Efficient Nanofiltration Inspired by the Kidney

Bio-inspired strategies for nano-filtration
Prof. Lydéric Bocquet
Department of physics
Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris

Filtering and water purification rely traditionally on the concept of passive sieving across properly decorated nano-pores. Such basic separation principle contrasts with the advanced membrane processes existing in Nature, which harness the full subtleties of active transport across channels. I will explore two examples highlighting the optimized performance of biological systems for separation purpose: aquaporins and kidney. Taking a physicist perspective on the underlying transport mechanisms, this suggests interesting leads for novel bio-inspired principles for water purification.
Biography :
Lydéric Bocquet is director of research at CNRS and joint professor at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. His research interests are mainly curiosity driven and extend to domains at the interface of soft condensed matter, fluid dynamics and nanoscience. He combines experiments, theory and simulations to explore the intimate mechanisms of fluid interfaces from the macroscopic down to the molecular level. His recent interests aimed at taking benefit of the unexpected fluid transport occurring at the nanoscales to propose new routes for energy harvesting and desalination. Beyond academically oriented topics, he also has a strong interest in every-day life science. He received several awards including two Advanced Grant of the European Research Council in 2011 and in 2018, the silver medal of the CNRS in 2017 and the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel prize of the von Humboldt foundation in 2007. He is co-founder of an energy oriented start-up, Sweetch Energy.

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