Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


15 March 2018
Paushuize, Kromme Nieuwegracht 49, Utrecht

Biofabrication: the Orthopaedic Perspective


12:00   Lunch
12:45   Opening, Prof. René Castelein
13:00   Historical perspective in Utrecht, Prof. René van Weeren
13:15   History and future of Biofabrication, Prof. Vladimir Mironov
13:45   Biofabrication for Orthopaedic applications, Prof. Daniel Kelly
14:15   Biofabrication for bone and complex tissue constructs, Prof. Michael Gelinsky
14:45   Summary and Concluding Remarks, Prof. René Castelein
15:00   End

16:15   Inaugural lecture Prof. Jos Malda at Utrecht University Hall, Domplein 29, Utrecht

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