Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


Professor Marcela Bilek visited the RMCU on Monday 25 January

Professor Marcela Bilek, Professor of Applied Physics and Surface Engineering at the University of Sydney, visited the RMCU on Monday 25 Jan 2018. During an extra RM Seminar prof. Bilek gave a presentation titled “Plasma Surface Engineering of Biomaterials”. Prof. Bilek’s group has shown that radicals embedded in polymeric surfaces by means of plasma surface modification facilitate simple one-step functionalization of those surfaces with multiple functional molecules for different biomedical applications.


Prof. Bilek recently received a grant to develop novel antibacterial coatings for orthopaedic applications together with prof. Wim Hennink from Pharmaceutical sciences department and Dr. Saber Amin Yavari from Orthopaedic department. During this visit, they investigated the progress of current project and also made a plan for the future collaborations including other RMCU labs such as the Biofabrication group.