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Large European grant for research cystic fibrosis

The European Commission has awarded a € 6.7 million grant to more than forty European centers that will conduct new research into cystic fibrosis, under the supervision of UMC Utrecht. The research project is led by Professor Kors van der Ent and will take 5 years.

The grant is intended to develop personalized treatments for European CF patients. Now many CF patients only receive treatment to control the symptoms. “In this study we want to treat specific groups of patients, especially patients with a rare genetic profile,” says Van der Ent. “That way we can look more specifically for good medicines and treatments for them.”

Approximately 500 people accross Europe will be approached by their doctors to participate in this study. Stem cells will be taken from them, from which mini-intestines (organoids) are grown in the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht. “By testing certain medicines on these mini-intestines we get can better determine what kind of treatment works for the patient” per patient, says Van der Ent. “As a result, we can also exclude certain treatments if they do not appear to work with a patient. This way we hope to get closer to medicines that work for them. ”

European Grant
Horizon 2020 is the European grant program for research and innovation in Europe. The program offers opportunities for every organization or entrepreneur that is active in research, technological development and innovation. Besides the UMC Utrecht, the European Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the University of Leuven and the University of Lisbon are also involved in the research.

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