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Annelien Bredenoord wins UU-Publicity prize 2017

Prof. dr. Annelien Bredenoord, professor of Ethics of Biomedical Innovation and affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine and the University Medical Center Utrecht, has won the “Publiprijs 2017”. She received the award from Vice President of the Executive Board of the University Utrecht, Annetje Ottow, on 8 January at the New Year’s reception.

Annelien Bredenoord was frequently in the media about the impact on patient care and society of medical innovations such as stem cell research, reproduction technology, big data and biobanks. Recently, she lectured at the University of the Netherlands, where she spoke about ethical issues concerning research with embryos that are no longer used and ‘Designer Babies’, babies whose DNA has been manipulated in such a way that they do not have or can develop chronic disorders or illnesses.
The research area of Annelien Bredenoord is ideal for getting out and participating in the social debate. Annelien Bredenoord does this frequently and has also made an impressive scientific career. She is an expert in combining these two things: “she translates her specialist topic excellently into practice, even though it is often controversial, “according to the jury.