Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


Techniques & Technologies Symposium

The first Techniques & Technologies Symposium for all staff involved in the Princess Maxima Center, the Hubrecht Institute and the Regenerative Medicine Center was a success. On November 30th a fully booked room of people learned about the unique techniques we have available.

Prof. Paul Coffer, chair of the symposium stated: ‘Of all the symposia I have organized this was the quickest to be ‘sold out’, this illustrates the great names of researchers we have here and the unparalleled expertise they have to offer.’

The development of organoid model systems from the Clevers group and the development of the organoid screening systems from the Beekman group were explained by Joep Beumers, PhD student and Dr. Marne Hagemeijer, postdoc. Prof. Jos Malda illustrated different technologies in biofabrication. Prof. Alexander van Oudenaarden made the case why single cell sequencing is to be considered the microscope of the 21th century. Observing and perturbing gene expression is the area of expertise of Prof. Marvin Tanenbaum. Prof. Joost Sluijter told about 3D myocardial mimicry and nanomedicine delivery.

In her lecture Dr. Anne Rios, postdoc, took the audience into a different world by showing many illustrations of her work on the cellular dynamics of organ development and cancer using 3D imaging. Prof. Alain de Bruin talked about analyzing the molecular pathology of mutant animals and organoids.

A clear message about their willingness to share technologies and to advise other researchers was delivered by all speakers.