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Launch of RM Utrecht magazine

On December 4th 2017 the new RM Utrecht magazine was launched during a festive reception at the Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht, location Hubrecht Insititute. Prof. Steven Chamuleau, member of the board of the strategic program Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells, UMC Utrecht offered the first copy of the magazine to Jan Henk van der Velden, director of Utrecht Science Park.

Steven Chamuleau stressed the importance of sharing our research and expertise, from fundamental approaches until application in the clinic.“This magazine gives an overview of the work of the researchers within the theme Regenerative Medicine in Utrecht and shows the potential of Regenerative Medicine research for future applications in health care. The magazine highlights unique projects of our researchers in all stages of their careers and also emphasises the importance of our educational program to train the next generation of researchers and clinicians. Thanks to the diversity of research and the multidisciplinary approach in Utrecht we believe that together we’re accelerating the pace of regenerative technologies and therapies”

Jan Henk van der Velden was honoured to receive the first edition of the regenerative medicine magazine “By making this magazine, the next step has been made to put your hidden treasures on the map.”

The magazine gives a comprehensive overview of the research lines in the theme of Regenerative Medicine in Utrecht and is available in English and Dutch. The digital versions can be found here:

Regenerative Medicine Utrecht (English) EN RM Stem Cells Book

Regeneratieve geneeskunde Utrecht (Dutch) NL RM Stem Cells book

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