Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

Internships for Master students

Research project at the Driskell laboratory Washington State University School of Molecular Biosciences

Projects in the laboratory of Ryan Driskell revolve around discovering mechanisms to regenerate skin (i.e. scar-less wound repair). Our expertise is centered on understanding fibroblast heterogeneity in skin, which are important cell types in regulating scar formation, but may also be harnessed to regenerate tissue. We utilize transgenic mouse lines and grafting assays to explore the cellular mechanisms that are required to control fibroblast heterogeneity in skin during development and during wound repair in order to achieve scar-less skin repair. Ryan Driskell is happy to welcome ambitious RMT master students in his lab for their second research project.

Please see the webpage of the Driskell laboratory for a publication list and additional information. For more information sudents can contact Ryan Driskell directly.