Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


30 November 2017
14:00 - 17:40
Hubrecht Auditorium

Hubrecht-PMC-RMC Techniques & Technologies Symposium (fully booked)









Session One
Chair:              Nicolas Rivron (Hubrecht)

 14:00               Alexander van de Oudenaaren (Hubrecht)
Title: Single cell sequencing

14:25               Jos Malda (RMC)
Title: Biofabrication technologies in Utrecht

14:50               Joep Beumer (Clevers Lab, Hubrecht)
Title: Organoids as a model of tissue homeostasis and disease

15:15               Marne Hagemeijer (Beekman Lab, RMC)
Title: Organoids as tool for drug development and validation

15:40               Tea Break

Session Two
Chair:              Sabine Middendorp (RMC)

16:00               Anne Rios (PMC)
Title: Investigating the cellular dynamics of organ development and cancer using 3D imaging

16:25               Marvin Tanenbaum (Hubrecht)
Title: Observing and perturbing gene expression

16:50               Joost Sluijter (RMC)
Title: 3D Myocardial mimicry and nanomedicine delivery

17:15               Alain de Bruin (RMC-DGK)
Title: Analyzing the molecular pathology of mutant animals and organoids

17:40               Drinks