Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

Internships for Master students

Multi-tissue printing and integration of assembled tissue blocks – Malda group

The project

Microtia is a congenital disorder in which children are born with an underdeveloped external ear, often called “peanut ear”. To overcome the drawbacks of the current reconstruction surgery, we are investigating biofabrication of tissue-engineered ear cartilage. Nevertheless, the human auricle is a large structure and tissue engineering of large constructs is hampered by nutrient limitation. We have proposed a modular approach by separately culturing smaller parts of the constructs and later assembling them. In this project, we are investigating assembly strategies between various structures and various tissue types, as well as multi-tissue printing.

The student

This project requires a masters student of the Biofabrication masters, or with a background in regenerative medicine & technology with demonstrable 3D printing experience. Since we are enthusiastic and committed to our projects, we expect that from our students as well. Furthermore, responsible behavior and a professional attitude is required.

The perks

You will have the opportunity to learn and work in the shiny new labs of the Regenerative Medicine Center. You will learn many different techniques, including 3D printing (fused deposition modelling and 3D plotting), hydrogels, cell culture, tissue assembly, histology, biochemistry, and mechanical testing. The project may result in a publication in a scientific journal. We have a large and diverse research group, which is inspiring and fun, and interactions with other labs and institutions.

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