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Women in Science: Tina Vermonden

Utrecht University’s women professors, like Johanna Westerdijk, inspire future generations.

“I’m really inspired by a challenge.”

Tina Vermonden, PhD
Associate Professor
Faculty of Science, Utrecht University

Biomaterials science is a multidisciplinary field of research, which encompasses elements of medicine, biology, chemistry, and materials science.

Tina’s research is currently focussed on the development of biomaterials for tissue engineering and drug/protein delivery. We design, synthesize and characterize polymers with special emphasis on cross-linking techniques to obtain advanced material properties for biomedical applications.

Brief bio of Tina
Tina obtained her PhD in physical and organic chemistry from Wageningen University, and conducted her post-doctoral training at Utrecht University. She then became a Post-doctoral Associate at the University of Minnesota, USA before returning to Utrecht University in 2009. She’s currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharaceutics, is Coordinator of the Honours Program Pharmaceutical Sciences and is part of several large EU consortia.

Key words: biomaterials, tissue engineering, drug delivery, hydrogels, regenerative medicine, chemistry, nanoparticles

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