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Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneraton

Regeneration in osteoarthritis

We have a prototype of a whole-joint bio-mechano-reactor.  

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My work focuses on tissue regeneration in osteoarthritis (OA) and we’ve developed several new techniques for this. One of our first achievements was the unique canine osteoarthritis model, the ‘Groove’ model, which mimics the progressive features of human OA.

The Groove model includes evaluation of gait (pain), cartilage, synovial tissue, synovial fluid and changes in the subchondral bone. This model is extended for use in sheep and goat. Moreover, I’m involved in joint distraction as treatment of knee osteoarthritis.Also, the importance of the mutual biochemical interaction between bone and cartilage, playing a potential role in the benefit of joint distraction, is subject of study. Simultaneously, we performed joint distraction on the knee in the Groove model. A next step is taken by studying the role of joint homeostasis in intrinsic cartilage repair under influence of joint distraction in the first pilot studies. Recently, I initiated the development of a whole-joint bio-mechano-reactor, which is currently at the level of a working prototype, enabling evaluation of many different pathways in the osteoarthritis process.
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