Regenerative Medicine Utrecht


K. F. Heinfonds grant Kerstin Schneeberger for liver research

The liver plays a crucial role in the production of coagulation factors, metabolism and detoxification. However, culturing functional liver cells is difficult, which makes basic research challenging. Moreover, it has not yet been possible to culture liver cells in large quantities so that they can be used as an alternative to liver transplantation. Kerstin Schneeberger, postdoc in liver and intestinal research in the JDV building, has used her expertise in ​​intestinal and liver stem cells to develop a new method for culturing functional liver cells on a large scale. With the help of an 18,000€ grant from the K.F. Heinfonds, she will further develop this up-scaling method so that in the near future, large amounts of functional and genetically stable liver cells can be grown.