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Stem Cell & Organoid Biology

Understanding neuronal connections in ALS and epilepsy

We’re uncovering new therapeutic interventions for neuronal degeneration.

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The focus of my lab is directed towards understanding the signaling events and molecular mechanisms involved in the formation of neuronal connections during development; and also the molecular mechanisms underlying changes in or loss of neuronal connectivity during neurological disease.

In particular, we study amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and epilepsy. These conditions represent major health care issues, and the underlying molecular mechanisms for both are still poorly understood. We use an integrated approach involving molecular biology, cell biology, neuroanatomy, (in vivo) functional proteomics, imaging, high-content screening, and genetics. We’re investigating molecular neuronal network changes, especially during disease progression, with the aim of uncovering new therapeutic interventions, for example, regenerative approaches to alter neuronal connectivity, and the design of novel stem cell-based cellular models for disease.