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Internships for Master students

Vascular regeneration – Cheng group

Vascular regeneration: Master’s student, 9-month, project.

Contact: Dr. Caroline Cheng (, Cardiology, UMC Utrecht

We offer a student position in a young research group that focuses on translational vascular research.
We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated student for a 9 months intern period with interests in general molecular biology and regenerative medicine.
The group of dr. Caroline Cheng of the department of Nephrology and Hypertension (DIGD) is focused on the identification of mechanisms underlying angiogenesis and vascular growth in development and disease. A strong translational line is imbedded in the research, focusing on the micro-environmental factors that determine regenerative vascular growth.

The student will participate in unraveling the role of different proteins in the regulation of angiogenesis and assess their potential to improve vascular growth after injury in different organs (kidney, heart, eye retina) or during tissue reconstitution (transplantation after ex vivo tissue engineering). The practical work concerns vascular cell culture, tissue co-culture, and mRNA profiling, transfection (adenoviral constructs and siRNA), western-blotting, confocal microscopy and flowcytometry. The student will work under supervision of dr. Caroline Cheng. Daily supervision is provided by an experienced 3rd year PhD student. Valuable contributions by the student to the ongoing research lines will be awarded with suitable co-authorships. In addition, the student is encouraged to write a review on his research subject that will be submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

We are looking for a master degree student with strong interest in translational research in the field of cardiovascular biology. Candidates with art 12 or 9 with previous experience with cell culture, transfection, flowcytometry and western blotting are highly preferred. Good communication skills, accuracy and cooperation are required. Previous experience in the field of cardiovascular research is favored, but not required.

For application: Please send your CV and motivation letter to dr. Caroline Cheng (